When the Light Shifts: Exhibition

On the 22nd of March, as a whole class, we ventured outside of the classroom and found ourselves at Bridgeton Station — ready to visit three different exhibitions.

With our lecturer having planned the whole day out for us, we first visited Glasgow Women’s Library, which I will talk about in this post. They are more than just an ordinary library, as they host a lot of different events for all interests. The one that interested us was the “When the Light Shifts” exhibition, which is on display from the 6th of March to the 1st of April. What made this exhibition particularly interesting was the fact that it showcased work from over fifteen of Scotland’s women photographers. It has been produced and curated in partnership with Napier University.

Image Credit: Nicole Smith

The exhibition itself, as described by the Women’s Library, includes experimental images of organic matter to intimate portraiture, and vital enquiries about what a camera is and how we use it in today’s world. As both a woman and a photographer, it was empowering for me being able to see other women’s work individually represented.

Each photographer had their own works presented in their own style; some were mounted in tradition frames while others went for something less conventional — for example, one of the photographs had been printed on vertical blinds (and had a lot of my classmates pulling it open and shut in amazement).

Image Credit: Nicole Smith

The cost of this exhibition was free to enter, but sadly ends today; to read more information about “When the Light Shifts” exhibition, you can visit their website here.

If you want to find out more about the other two exhibitions we visited, be sure to check the blog soon for another update!


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