Meet the Photographer – Nicole Smith

Nicole1. What is your favourite piece of equipment?

It definitely has to be my Sigma 50mm Art Lens. I am constantly using it and find it to be great to shot with in lots of different situations.

2. What is your specialism in photography?

I like to photograph all different types of genres, but my favourite has to be Advertising. I also love taking Landscape, Documentary, Photojournalism and Natural History photographs.

3.  Do you have any tips for photographers starting out?

My advice would be to go out there and just take photographs to begin with. It would also be a good idea to read photography books and watch videos on YouTube, as these can be really good resources for you to look at. You need to be patient with yourself and if you want to be serious about photography, then you need to understand that it will take time.


If you would like to see Nicole’s work be sure to visit the HND Photography Exhibition on the 25th May 2017


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