Meet the Photographer: Jordan Wilson

Jordan1. Who is your favourite photographer?

I personally have a few photographers that I like to follow. If I have to pick one, I could say Thomas Burke. I am a big fan of urban landscapes and I enjoy his use of pastel colours throughout his images, as well as his use of composition to keep you looking.

2. What has been your highlight of studying photography at New College Lanarkshire?

It has massively boosted my confidence, which will be beneficial for me throughout the rest of my life.

3. What motivated you to start photography?

I have enjoyed photography for a few years now but it wasn’t until my Papa gifted me my first camera that I decided to get into it properly. When I left school, I decided I wasn’t ready to go to University and decided to study photography, which I don’t regret doing.


To see Jordan’s work be sure to visit the HND Exhibition on the 25th May 2017!


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