One Step Closer!

Today we started on one of the most important parts of our Exhibition. We put our printed images into frames.

For most of us it was the first time we had seen our images printed and it made us feel like we are almost there. We’ve not got long before our exhibition now, and this really makes the upcoming event feel closer than before.

Looking at the way the class worked together to get the framing done it really showed how much of a team we are and also just how well we can work together. Rather than all grabbing our own images and frames and doing those; we split into teams of people who cleaned the frames, others who took the previous years images out of the frames and put the new ones in, and people who moved the clean frames and the newly framed images between the teams.

18406085_10213055832970036_1580261412_o    18406098_10213055835730105_909416649_o

18406395_10213055837050138_1343145016_o                        18406389_10213055836930135_1532763152_o

We also had a team directing us as each frame is numbered so we had to ensure the correct image went into the right frame.


So, that was our morning. Busy — but surprisingly satisfying to see our images in frames.

With only two weeks to go before our exhibition we are now one step closer to having a good one.

Watch this space to see what happens next.


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