With 6 days to go until our exhibition here is a little sneak peak at one of the images taken by Jordan Wilson featured in the exhibition. If you would like to see more images in the exhibition remember to come to the exhibition next Thursday at 6pm


Meet the Photographer: Helen Fleming

What is your favourite piece of equipment? My camera; it lets me show people how I see the world through my eyes.   What motivated you to start photography? Having a hair & beauty background I was always working with photographers and I just thought one day I want to be the person behind the... Continue Reading →


There are only 7 days to go until our Exhibition - Catchlight!! As the Exhibition approaches the whole class have been working together to create a poster as well as putting all the images in frames before the big day next Thursday!! Yesterday a few members of the team ventured around the college and put... Continue Reading →

Meet the Photographer – Bethany Allchin

1. How long have you been interested in photography? I suppose I’ve always been interested in photography. I just never thought about it being anything other than a hobby until I moved to Scotland and wanted something to do. Now I cannot even look at a picture without thinking about how it was created. 2. What motivated... Continue Reading →

Meet the Photographer – Ashlee Hillock

1. Who is your favourite photographer? I have many favourite photographers but the main ones would be fashion photographers. Mario Testino, Lindsay Adler, Lara jade, Nigel barker and many more! 2. Tell us a little bit about any upcoming projects? I am currently working on a project which is based on fashion, I focused on portraiture... Continue Reading →

Meet the Photographer: Jordan Wilson

1. Who is your favourite photographer? I personally have a few photographers that I like to follow. If I have to pick one, I could say Thomas Burke. I am a big fan of urban landscapes and I enjoy his use of pastel colours throughout his images, as well as his use of composition to keep... Continue Reading →

One Step Closer!

Today we started on one of the most important parts of our Exhibition. We put our printed images into frames. For most of us it was the first time we had seen our images printed and it made us feel like we are almost there. We've not got long before our exhibition now, and this really... Continue Reading →

Meet the Photographer – Dmitri Smirnov

1. What is your favourite piece of equipment? Canon 28mm f1.8 lens 2. What motivated you to start photography? I really don’t know. This is only one thing in my life that I never stop to do. I decided to try this way. 3. Do you have any tips for photographers starting out? Never stop taking pictures, always... Continue Reading →

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